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Gig Harbor Garden Tour


Due October 1

Organization Name:_________________________________EIN:__________________



Contact Name:_____________________________________Phone:_________________

Please attach the following: Each should be no longer than a single page.

1.General Description of your organization

2. Amount Requested $___________. If you are requesting funds for a part of your present or proposed program, estimated total program cost $__________________

3. Describe proposed use of funds.

4. Describe how this funding will ultimately benefit your constituents in the broad definition of literacy (i.e., Reading, Writing, Math/Numeracy, Technology).

5. Describe how your program will measure the effect/use of these funds.

If you receive funding, we will expect a brief report at the end of June about the impact these funds have had and how you know.

Deadline: October 1. Please send this application along with supporting materials to: P.O. Box 1328, Gig Harbor WA 98335 or email to  

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